Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 27 of 31 days of S & S posts

Don't you wish you were a cat and could just throw yourself down anywhere and take a nap.  No regard to what's 'lady like' or ANYTHING! 
Honestly, Snickers, where is your dignity?  What's key is that she's only a couple feet from me at my computer.  She doesn't let me out of her sight.   At least, unlike our other cat, she doesn't feel the need to be in my lap at the computer. 

Since sewing on binding is bOHring, I don't have much to show for all the time I spent in my sewing room today.  I did, however, make matching pillow cases for the 2 twin bed quilts I've recently gotten back from the quilter. 

They're fun to make.  Almost addicting because you wrap the fabric all up in a tube, sew it shut, pull it out and sew up the sides.  It's almost magic.  There are lots of different patterns with different accent strips.  I know this style by heart, so just dug thru my stash and whipped them up.  I like to add a little embroidery (by machine) along the accent strip.  It helps it not get all wonky after it's been washed. 
Those are whales. 
I had a few pieces blocks left over from the quilt, so I put them together into a long strip and used that on this one.  

I'm still plugging away at Dandy Dreams hoping to finish it before the month is out.  I have a library book due back tomorrow so now I need to get cracking on that.   

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