Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 23

Probably, like most people who sew and sew and sew and have more projects then days in a month, I don't like to redo anything.   So, that's my excuse for not going back and taking a new picture now that I've folded the quilt up, put the pictures on the computer, and set out to write a post.  But, even I can see that the camera was having trouble deciding what to focus on.... the quilt or the carpet.  You get the idea, anyhow.  I finished the log cabin quilt that is the second instalment of the Prairie Women's Sewing Circle.  I don't know how I want to quilt it, so I still save that step for another day.  I'm ready to move on for now. 

Unless the weather is bad tomorrow, I'll make the trip to my 'not so local' LNS and pick up my newly framed cross stitch.  I can't wait to see it.  You can be sure I'll have pictures, though. 


  1. Very pretty, I really like the colours in this one.

  2. I love any type of log cabin quilt and this one is especially nice! I love the colors, too. Was this one of the ones that you weren't thrilled with its colors? Do you like it better now that it's complete?