Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 20

My fingers are sore and cracked so I'm not stitching much.  I won't even mention what got jammed up under my thumb nail causing lingering pain, further adding to the hiatus.  I will say, it wasn't as bone chilling as it sounds.... the pain just lingers...

So, I'm going to post a teaser to a challenge of another sort.  It's a teaser because I don't have the results to show and I can't guarantee it will be ready any time soon.  I need a serious dose of confidence before I can start on this one. 

These 3 fabrics are what I was given in my quilt guild's latest challenge.  Anyone interested in participating put 3 half yard cuts of fabric in a bag with their name.  Then the bags were mixed up and we each chose one.  Now I'm supposed to make something out of the 3 fabrics to give back to the person who put the fabrics in the bag.  Fun, right?  Unnerving, too.  I'm scared to cut into the fabrics just incase I goof up.  I spent hours looking for a pattern for something that only needed 3 fabrics.  Since 1 is a large print I want to retain some of the picture.  That's not so bad.  What's hard is that one of the other fabrics is basically a stripe. So now I'm dealing with a large print fabric and a directional fabric.  I found a table runner pattern online and, hopefully, one of these days I'll be brave and get busy.

I don't know who got my 3 fabrics.  That's part of the surprise.  I didn't even think to photograph them.  Darn.  We'll all just have to wait until our June meeting.  Seems like forever away. 

Happy Stitching.


  1. Those are very challenging fabrics. I like your idea of a tablerunner.

  2. Ahhh, my hands get that way too. My dermatologist told me to use super-glue to close the cracks and that was the best advice ~ ever! Just make sure your hands are very clean...and be careful not to stick your fingers together!