Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 22

I thought I'd be driving to the needlework shop today and picking up my framing but illness (my hubby) is keeping me home.  There are some kid related tasks to accomplish today so I'll stay home instead of leaving them to the sick one. 

I do have another finish.  Blue Moon by Brightneedle.  I altered the design by stitching a yellow sun instead of a blue moon.  I want sunshine..... in fact..... I want to be in the little beach chair by those beautiful waves. 

On Thursday night I half-heartily stitched 4 letters on Dandy Dreams.  Last night I stitched 2 more when I discovered I'd goofed on the placement of the 3rd letter on Thursday night.  So, last night I took out 4 letters.  Proof that I shouldn't stitch when I'm not really in the mood. 

Today I'm going to my sewing room and finishing those log cabin blocks.

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