Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 26

I felt inspired the other day when I saw a quilt in a catalog that caught my eye.  To me, it looked super simple to recreate.  Not that I'm trying to steal any one's pattern idea or anything.  I didn't care for the middle part so I eliminated that and made it much smaller.  Cool, isn't it? 

In my mind, I saw it in lighter, Valentine'ish' fabric with a heart appliqued in the center.  Instead it looks more Christmas like and a heart looks out of place.  Since this was a trial, using my graph paper sketch, I just dug thru my stash looking for fabric that I had large enough pieces of. 

Also, this was a very fun table topper to make because it's made from the center out in a circular fashion.  I'm sure it can be made row by row, but I enjoyed going around and around adding each row as I went.  It starts out with 2 inch finished squares and ends with 4 inch finished squares. 

It will look great on the table with a candle in the middle.  Now, before I hurt myself, I'll quit patting myself on the back for being creative. 


  1. You deserve a big pat on the back! And you're already at Day 26! You're writing some great posts this month - YGG!

  2. That is just beautiful, Pam! I agree-it looks more like Christmas... You'll have to post a photo next December with it on your table!

  3. That's definitely worth all the kudos. And yes, it's way more Christmassy than Valentiney.

  4. It's beautiful! It will look great at Christmas time on your table.