Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 29

Well, I for one, will be glad to be finished coming up with a post a day.  Today, I don't have anything very interesting since I just had a finish last night.  I have stitched a little on ABeeC Sampler by County Cottage Needleworks.  

It has such nice colors in it. 

 Today, while tidying around the house, I pulled out my meager Valentine's decorations.  My favorite item is this stitched box of chocolates.  It's from a pattern in a magazine.... which one, I don't remember.  Maybe Better Homes & Garden's Cross Stitch Magazine.   I do remember it was on the cover and that I'd saved it for several years before actually stitching it.  The date on the finished project is 2000.  So, somewhere in the 90's. 

It used a lot of that horrible blending filament. 

I had the framer put it in an empty chocolate box.  The lid is showing signs of wear, but it's still cute and I like to put it out on the coffee table. 

Now, we're off to watch Buttercup in the All County Band concert. 


  1. It's from Cross Stitch and Country Crafts. I finished mine in 1996. My mother preferred to have it framed.

  2. I've got that magazine as well and have thought about stitching it several times. I think the blending filament is the reason I put it back on the shelf every time.

  3. The chocolate finish is awesome. Love the way you put it in a box.