Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5 of 31 days of S & S posts.

Every one's kind thoughts and wishes for The Scholar as she started her journey was MUCH appreciated.  Yesterday was a long day.... airport delays, the absence of a flight attendant, and more delayed flights made The Scholar a little on edge.  Once she was in the air around 8:00 last night we were done hearing from her.  We did get a brief email this morning saying they had arrived and checked into the hostel.  They're staying right on The Grand Via in Madrid.  That's like being on 5th Avenue in NYC.  Most exciting.  We've been to Spain twice and during each visit we got to be in that area of Madrid often.  She's having fun, I'm sure.  This weekend will be the next big step... meeting and moving into the homes of the host families.  I have made her little icon picture on the right an active link to her blog..... Post Cards from Oviedo. 

Now, on to our 15 day challenge.

First, here is the little bit of stitching I managed yesterday.  Not bad for two 45 minutes stints.  If I'd started this on a day when I have a couple hours in the afternoon and again in the evening I think I could have finished it in the same day. 

The fabric is a little scrap of 32 count Highland by Picture this Plus. 

Today I am going to start another Heart in Hand pattern.  My friend Rebecca of Linen and Threads started the same piece yesterday.  I didn't jot down the fabric details.  It's the same as Rebecca.  Maybe she knows?? 

Since I had to dig around my pile of projects for the one with my Whitewash thread, I chose tomorrow's piece.  I have several of these Bent Creek Photobooth patterns and haven't done a single one.  Makes it a good choice for this challenge.

Before I get busy stitching I'm going to spend some time in my sewing room.  I came across a stack of dish towels I have been saving to applique on.  I thought that would be a nice simple project... and it frees up shelf space.  Gotta love that.

The Queen Bee


  1. You have lovely starts in your challenge! It's great to find new blogs and see what everyone is stitching :) Happy stitching!

  2. Your challenge has started nicely.

  3. The photobooth snowmen are such a cute project. Isn't it funny what we find in our stash that's been there for a long time already? This challenge is perfect for these charts.

  4. I think the fabric is Flax Belfast for the Heart In Hand piece. The colors just pop on it!