Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 4

Today is a big day.  I need to remind myself to breath.  In a little bit I'll be taking The Scholar to the airport as she embarks on her 5 month stay in Spain.

I try really hard to keep life in perspective.  So much of the simple daily grind can wear you down if you don't take a minute to remind yourself that it's really just Life. Most daily occurrences aren't anything to get worked up about.  I know I'm not sending a child off to a combat zone or dealing with a serious illness or disaster.  I do, however, have to get used to the idea that for 140 days, or 20 weeks, my daughter will be 4000 miles away.  She'll be in a country where I can ask where the bathrooms are and order lunch but not ask someone on the other end of a phone where she is or what is wrong with her.   She'll be living in an apartment with a women I've never met.  We won't have quick, easy access to her.  While Skype will save the day, she'll be where life is happening 6 hours ahead of life here. 

I need to keep reminding myself that I raised this girl to be strong and independent.  To have dreams and to go after them.  I've mentioned before how she was born with her suitcase packed.  She's going places.  Just, please, remember the way home.

So, while I've picked a piece for today's Challenge start, it's hard to say if I'll get to stitch anything.  I'll need to work in the afternoon, instead of the morning, plus return for the evening court session.

 For today, it's Heart in Hand's Celebrate Spring.

Wish me luck....and check her out here!
The Queen Bee


  1. Safe journey to your daughter! I'm sure she'll have a great time and have loads to tell you on her return.

  2. It sounds like your daughter will have the trip of a lifetime!

  3. It is hard watching them spread their wings and fly...what a great opportunity for her to experience a new culture...prayering for a safe journey for her and a joyous homecoming in 5 months. Don't worry the time will fly by!

  4. I will keep you and her in my prayers, I know how hard it can be my son is currently deployed to Iraq and will be there till probably next sept or Dec but he is coming home in about a month on leave. He is 11 hours ahead of me and my only contact is when he can find time to call me. I try and stay busy so I don't think of him so much but sadly it doesn't really work :(

  5. I hope she has a wonderful, safe trip. Your project for today is adorable. I need to stitch mine like it too.

  6. Hope everything went well today. At least we have computers and phones and whatnot to help us out. Here's hoping that she gets in touch with you every day (or at least every other day...)!

  7. It's so hard to give them their wings! My son was in London for 5 months in 1994 - phone bills out the wahoo and no email!!! I hated those months. Your Scholar will have a great time and experience so many things - good for her. Just keep stitching through your challenges and keep your mind busy. We'll be looking for more of your beautiful work.

  8. Hope your daughter has an amazing (and safe) trip!

  9. I wish your daughter a great time in Spain. I'm sure she'll make a lot of great friends and great experiences. Two of my children also spent a couple of months abroad and both say they don't want to miss this experience.
    You are doing great on your Crazy Challenge and I'm looking forward to seeing more new starts here.