Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2

First, here is a look at yesterday's start.  Peppermint Twist by Blue Ribbon Design. 

It's going to be a slow go, as the linen is 40 count. 

Today I will start A Farmer's Almanac by The Prairie Schooler.  This is the last of 4 that I purchased with the Crescent Colour conversion. 

Happy Stitching,

The Queen Bee


  1. Hi~ Your stitching is just beautiful. I haven't cross stitched in over 25 years so I am real rusty at it, have joined in the challenge though, seems like a fun thing to do, now if I can just get going on it,it's already day 2 and I am still trying to get things organized and ready to go. I am a very slow stitcher so have lots of work ahead of my but I am joyful about it.