Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 17

I finished my first 15 Challenge piece yesterday.  No surprise, it's 'wee one bernard' as he was so close to being finished the day I started him. 

He's a cute one.  I could have finished another one yesterday but decided to work on something larger.  Dandy Dreams is the piece I ended up picking up.  I didn't photograph it, though.  We'd all be bored to tears seeing each piece every time I stitched on it. 

Then I took some time and stitched the binding down on the 2 Patch-ability kits I sewed during last Saturday's sewing day at my quilt guild.

We had some discussion about the positioning of the bunny.  I think he's too far to the right but that's pretty much what the pattern showed.  His ears would have been off the side if I moved him very much to the left.  He's cute, anyway. 

I have a project cut out and ready to work on in my sewing room so I'm off to start that.


  1. You've just put me in a very tulipy kind of mood! Bernard is cute, but I find myself in a Springtime mood and those tulips are perfect.

  2. Congratulations on your first finish, Bernard is indeed cute!

  3. Great stitching! Love the chocolate bunny.

  4. Wonderful finishes! Bernard is adorable, I love the tulips - I'm so ready for spring!!

  5. Bernard is darling! And I think your bunny placement is right where it should be--thanks for giving us a touch of spring :)