Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 12 of 31 days of S & S posts

So did anyone notice my double post yesterday?  Can't say how that happened.  I deleted the duplicate but it stayed in my reader.  Now, today, I have to click 'yes' 22 times every time I want to go somewhere to assure my security program that: yes, I do want to proceed despite the security certificate being revoked.  Any ideas? 

First, let's catch up with some prior starts.  Here is my progress on Lizzie Kate's 'Think Summer'.  Like the wrinkles?  There will be ironing today, just much later after the laundry is done.  I thought it was funny the way I clearly stopped smack dab in the middle of a stitch Monday night.  Wonder if I just got tired or if something distracted me.  I looked at it this morning and wondered how come I'd only stitched that little bit on Monday.... a day when I usually have lots of stitching time.... then I remembered my trip to the LNS to drop off framing.  Duh. 
Then yesterday I only had an hour or so to stitch.  This is the start of Waxing Moon's 'Summer is Sweet'.  There isn't a color photo so you'll have to imagine the pink and green watermelon like colors. 

 Finally, Day 12.  Wow..... 12?  Already?  I say that because I was taking a break from my morning of housework to read some blogs when I came to Rebecca's post for today.  I knew it was the 12th day but hadn't thought of it yet.. or noticed how close to 15 it was.  Don't get me wrong..... 15 days of this is enough, it's just that I actually have 18 projects picked out.  I really thought I'd get at least 16 of those started.  I was sure I'd have at least 1 day with 2 starts because I managed to finish something before the day was out.  And, who knows, maybe I'd even have a 17th start.  So far, that's not happening and maybe won't happen.  Today and tomorrow are the last few days of this challenge when I'll have lots of stitching time.  I originally thought I'd start one of my larger projects but when confronted with how few days were left and how many projects I had, I decided to start the smallest small left and hope to post again today renumbering this start as 12A and another one as 12B.  It's still early.... before noon.... it could happen.   So, today it's another Heart in Hand..... wee one bernard.  (Lower case letters because that's how it's printed on the pattern.) Cute, isnt' he?  Once all that white body is done the rest should be quick.  (Famous last words!) 
Wish me luck because I'd like to spend some time at my sewing machine too.  I need something to post about the second half of this month!


  1. Great starts! I love the pink of the second piece. Your next start is a cutie :)

  2. What a great line-up!! Should we really extend this Challenge? I think I'm ready for some serious stitching on just one project... LOL!!

  3. You've made a great start on Think Summer and Summer is Sweet. Good luck starting and finishing the HIH project, it's adorable!